Thank You for your interest in Volunteering!!!  We have MANY different types of volunteer options available.  Read the below descriptions to find the best positions for you!

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Drop Off / Inspecting for Quality

If you are pregnant, nursing or need to sit for long periods of time, we have a position for you.   Drop-off involves: checking in consignors, issuing passes and guiding them on what to do next.   During this time we will need volunteers to go through and organize everything and make sure that all of the items are in the right place and ready for the sale.   We will also be checking and double checking clothes for stains and holes and toys for batteries and completeness.

This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for anyone that likes to organize, has a good eye for detail and would like to see all of the cool stuff that will be in the sale.

Sale Workers

Ahhhh, the sale workers are the volunteers at the heart of the sale that keep everything flowing as it should.   Volunteer for this opportunity and you may answer customer questions, pick up dropped items, return unwanted items, etc.  You may possibly need to help move tables and relocate merchandise during the sale.  Seasoned volunteers may be asked to scan tags and print receipts during check out.  If you like variety, this is the opportunity for you!


All good things must come to an end and sorting volunteers help us do just that.   As you may have guessed, sorters will sort any items that are remaining at the end of the sale to be picked up by the consignors on Monday.   A definite plus to volunteering for the sort is that you can take your items home when we are done.   No children are allowed at the sort unless approval is received.

We can accommodate one person who needs to sit or is on limited duty from for each sorting shift.   Duties will include preparing all equipment for storage (such as collecting pens, fliers, cleaning supplies, etc.) or sorting through items from a seated position.

Pick Up

Pick Up involves: checking in consignors, assisting consignors to find their unsold items, and possibly assisting in carrying items out to cars.

Ladies … don’t forget about volunteering your husbands!