Resort Numbers and Resort Stickers

NEW for the Fall 2019 Good 2 Grow Kids Consignment Sale Event, we will begin using resort numbers.  Why?  Using resort numbers will assist us in sorting unsold items after each Event.   A “resort number” will be assigned to each consignor as they register and this resort number will print on their tags.  Unsold items are resorted into the consignors resort number rather than by consignor number so the consignor needs to know their resort number when they come to pick up their unsold items.

How are resort numbers assigned?

When a consignor registers, the system looks back at prior Events to see if that consignor had a resort number assigned to them at that sale.  If so, the system gives them that number.  It does this so that their tags from prior sales and the current sale will both have the same resort number.  If the number they had at the prior sale is already taken by someone else who registered before them, then the system assigns them the next sequential “available” resort number (starting with #1). If a new consignor is registering, or someone is registering who did not have a resort number at a prior sale, the system just assigns them the next available resort number.

What should a consignor do if their resort number from last sale has already been taken by someone else?

They should print resort stickers and cover over the resort number on the prior sales tags with the new resort sticker. The resort sticker will have their current resort number on it. Consignors can print resort stickers from their consignor homepage.

How does a consignor learn what their resort number is?

There are several ways a consignor can learn what their resort number is.  Resort numbers will automatically print on their tags.  Resort numbers are also visible to them when they login to their consignor homepage.

What are resort stickers?

Resort stickers are small stickers (Avery 8167) that consignors can print from their consignor homepage. They contain the consignors current RESORT NUMBER.

What are resort stickers for?

Because of the way resort numbering works, it is possible that a consignor will get a different resort number than the one they had from a prior sale.  Resort numbers are printed on tags, so their old tags would have the wrong resort number printed on them. Before resort stickers, the consignor would have to re-print those tags so they would have the new resort number on them. The resort stickers are designed to allow the consignor to just print stickers with their new resort number and place those stickers on their old tags OVER the old resort number. This saves the consignor from having to totally re-print and re-tag items from prior sales if they cannot get their old resort number back.

What avery template are resort stickers designed to print on?

Avery template 8167, which is the return address sticker. They are 1/2″ x 1 3/4 inches. They should be readily available at any office supply store. There are 80 stickers per page. The system only generates one page of stickers for printing, but if the consignor needs more stickers than that they can just print the page a second time.

Do I have to use a sticker or can I just hand-write my resort number?

Resort numbers MUST BE LEGIBLE!!!  Any Good 2 Grow tags printed PRIOR to Fall 2019 didn’t print with a resort number.  Resort numbers may be handwritten on old tags if the number is legible.

Do I need to worry about resort numbers if I donate my unsold items?

No!  Please don’t take the time to correct resort numbers for tags printed on white cardstock [indicating unsold items will be donated].  All white tag items are pulled at the end of the sale PRIOR to sorting unsold items.