Printing Tags

Important Notes


Print tags on either white or colored cardstock.  Use white cardstock if you wish to donate unsold items and use colored cardstock (lighter color/pastel/neon cardstock works best) if you wish to pick up unsold items.

Please note that off-white/beige cardstock may be perceived to be white and unsold items could be donated.  Do not use off-white/beige cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items.

To be sure tags scan properly print your tags on 60-67 lb cardstock.  Be sure that you have enough ink to print as the bar codes will not scan correctly with low ink.

Tags do NOT print with item descriptions.  For additional information on how to hand write item descriptions, please refer to consignor section on tagging items.

Printing Instructions


To print tags, you must be registered for the current active sale.

Once registered, you can access tag printing 2 ways.  Once logged in the Consignor Homepage, look on the left under activities to see “Order Barcode Labels” (See image below) — or — you may access directly by using the Print Tags link.

order barcode labels

Once selected you will be taken to the following page.

order barcodes

For each price needed, fill out the three fields on the left:  “Price on Label”, “# Labels at this price”, and “Allow Discount?”.  Once finished, press the “Submit Barcode” button on the bottom left.  Continue entering information for each price needed.  When finished, press the “Submit Order” button on the bottom right and create your “batch”.  You will be taken to the following screen.

batch number

Take note of the batch number which is printed in bold at the top of the screen.  Also note that tags are in a .pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader software or other PDF software in order to view and print them.  If ready to print, you can print immediately by selecting “Display Barcoded Tags For Printing”.  Tags will open for printing.  To print later, you may print tags through your consignor homepage (see below).

print from homepage

To print from the Consignor Homepage, select the appropriate batch number (see above).  Tags will open for printing.

tags full price

Tags print 10 to a page.  They print with a barcode that is tied to your consignor number and the price of the item.  Items that are not identified as discounted print with the words FULL PRICE under the barcode (see above).  Item that are identified to be discounted say nothing (see below).

tags discounted