Tagging Items


Most consignors tag and price all of their own items.  Instructions on how to tag your items are given below.  With each consignor tagging their items the same way, Good 2 Grow continues to be an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale.   Thank you for your attention to detail as you prepare your items.

Please carefully review all preparation, instructions for printing tags, and tagging and acceptable item instructions before proceeding.  We reserve the right to not accept an item if it does not meet our quality guidelines.

Important Notes

To minimize the chance of your tags getting separated from your tags or not scanning properly:

  • Print your tags on 60-67 lb cardstock
  • Be sure that you have enough ink to print as the bar codes will not scan correctly with low ink
  • Place masking or packing tape with your consignor number and price on the bottom of each large item in addition to the tag.  Please DO NOT put a duplicate tag on the item.
  • Items without tags will not be sold and will be placed on the lost & found table for consignors to pick up after the sale.   Please securetags the best you can so that your item has a chance to sell.

**Important!** When using tape, please do not tape over the barcode or consignor number on the tag.  The item will not scan if there is tape over the barcode and consignor numbers must be visiable for items to be sold.

Reminder!!!  Use white cardstock if you wish to donate unsold items and use colored cardstock (lighter color/pastel/neon cardstock works best) if you wish to pick up unsold items.  Please note that off-white/beige cardstock may be perceived to be white and unsold items could be donated.  Do not use off-white/beige cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items.

Tags without prices (or with marked through and hand written prices) WILL NOT be accepted and will be either donated (if tagged with white cardstock) or sorted for pick up.

Item Descriptions

Tags do NOT print with item descriptions.  Item descriptions are hand written on each tag.  When labeling your tags, please be as descriptive as possible in the item’s description area.  

  • Long sleeve can be abbreviated to L/S and short sleeve to S/S.
  • Use sizes such as 12-month instead of small, medium or large.
  • If items have more than one piece, please state the number of pieces on the tag. (e. g. 2-pieces, 3-pieces, etc.)
  • Include the brand in the description.

Example:  Instead of “pink dress”, the description could be “short sleeve pink Anavini princess dress – smocked castle with blue ric rac trim on sleeves and bottom”.

example tag with dress

Description is key for our scanners to make sure what you tagged is what is being sold.  This helps prevent “tag switching” and other “thievery” at the sale.  Tags without descriptions WILL NOT be accepted.  It also helps “match” lost tags and items without tags.

Tagging Clothing



  • The better the clothes look the better they sell.   Please be sure that your clothes are current, freshly washed, ironed, on WIRE hangers, and free of stains, broken zippers, tears, and signs of wear.  Buttons, snaps, zippers, etc. should be closed for the best appearance.
  • All clothing should be placed on hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark.
  • If you don’t have pant hangers, pin the pants to the top 2 sides of a wire hanger using 2 safety pins. Each pin should pass through the front and back of the pants and through the hanger (top part) for a secure hold.
  • Attach the tag with a zip tie to the garment tag.   TIP:   Tagging guns are perfect for attaching tags to the garment tag, but please use caution when attaching tags to your clothing as it can leave a hole!   Tagging guns can be purchased on Ebay for less than $10 including the barbs.
  • When hanging an outfit that includes pants or skirt, hang the pants or skirt with the shirt so that they can both be easily seen. Hang the shirt first.  Then turn the shirt around so that you are facing the back of the shirt and safety pin the top of the pants to the shoulders of the shirt.
  • If the outfit has accessories, such as hair bows, socks, etc., place them in a plastic bag and securely pin it or zip tie it to the items.
  • Clothing, onesies, or pajamas placed in ziplock bags do not sell as well!   Shoppers do not want to buy clothing that they cannot see.   All clothing items are strongly recommended to be on hangers.   Consider grouping 2-3 onesies together on a hanger for a better change of selling.
  • If you have items you want to sell together you have two options: hang one on the hanger and pin the shoulders of the others to the one on the hanger with the pins grasping the hanger as well, OR put each item on its own hanger and rubber-band or zip tie the hangers together.   Please do not group items together if they are not the same size.
  • If a shirt has a wide neck and doesn’t stay on the hanger well, safety pin the shirt onto the hanger near the shoulders or neck to ensure that the shirt stays on.

Tagging Shoes

  • Please bring only like new shoes that are in excellent condition.   Most tennis shoes/sneakers/trainers can be machine-washed and will come out looking great!   Use a zip tie (these can be bought at many hardware or dollar stores) to secure shoes to one anopther.  Put zip ties through a shoe lace hole or a sandal strap or punch holes in the tag and secure the zip tie.

Tagging Infant Accessories

  • Items such as towels, wash clothes, burp clothes, receiving blankets, bibs, etc. can be placed in gallon size Ziplock bags.  These items should all be free on any stains, etc. just like the clothing.  Please be VERY descriptive about what is in the bag.   Try and fold the item so that most/all of the design on it is showing. Do not over stuff the bag. Securely tape your tag to the outside of the bag.

Tagging Toys, Puzzles, Books, Videos, Decor Items

  • Please make certain that all pieces of an item are securely fastened together and that your item is complete. You may use packaging tape, Ziploc bags, clear plastic containers, etc. but please make sure that all the items are secure. Attach the tag securely.
  • Please DO NOT tape books closed but DO tape DVD boxes closed.   Please make every effort not to use tape where it will damage the item when it is removed.
  • If the item requires batteries, they should be included and in working order so shoppers can test out items.
  • Toys should be well cleaned and put together.
  • Small items can be placed in Ziploc bags or containers.   The buyer must be able to see what is inside the container.   The bag/container’s contents should be thoroughly described on the tag.
  • HINT for puzzles and games.   Place your tag on the underside of the box or puzzled board to avoid damage when it is removed.   Use scotch tape.   Puzzles that are too big to be place in Ziplock bags should be wrapped in plastic wrap.

Tagging Bedding and Window Treatments

  • It is BEST to bring your bedding in a clear bedding bag.   This allows the shoppers to easily see the bedding without needing to take it out. It also keeps smaller items like pillowcases and bed skirts with the bedding.  Photos are helpful if you do not have the original bag insert.
  • If you do not have a bedding bag, an alternative that we highly recommend are the new XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags.   They come 3-4 to a box and you can get them at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.  Place a photo of the items in clear view so the shopper can see what is inside.
  • Window treatments may be folded or hung on a hanger.   A photo of them hanging is helpful.

Tagging Large Items

  • On large items, simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. If the item includes extra parts, please make note of them in the item’s description, place them in a bag, if possible, and secure them to the item.
  • Pack ‘N Plays need to be assembled when you arrive.   Attach the carrying case to the Pack ‘N Play with a zip tie if possible, otherwise it can be pinned.   Tag the item in full view using a zip tie.   Reinforce the top of the tag with packing tape before punching a hole to avoid it accidentally getting separated during the sale.
  • Please make every effort not to use tape where it will damage the item when it is removed.
  • IMPORTANT: Place masking tape with your consignor number and price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item in addition to the tag.   This helps identify your item in case the tag is lost.
  • Make sure that you have all the necessary tools to assemble your items.   We will have limited tools, etc. on site.

Extra Selling Tips

  • Make your item look brand new. The more time you take to wash and iron your clothing, the better it will look to a buyer.   Also, button all the buttons, zip zippers, tie bows, etc.
  • Grease stains: Use Dawn dish washing liquid. Rub into the stain and wash as normal.   Occasionally it will take treating twice.
  • Yellow stains: Mix about 1/2 cup dish washing detergent (such as Cascade) with 1/2 cup Clorox 2 (the pink liquid) in about 1-2 gallons of water.   Soak the stained item in the mixture for several hours, then wash as usual. Works for other types of stains as well.
  • Magic erasers work great on toy surfaces.   Hard to reach areas can be cleaned with a scrub brush or toothbrush

Your Good 2 Grow Team will be available for any help you need during this process.  Email us at info@good2growkids.com with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Tagging!!!