Good 2 Grow offers our vendors Exclusivity.  Direct sale companies will be limited to 1 vendor per Event.  Also, we will only allow 1 “Three STAR” and “Four STAR” vendor per “like category”.  Only 1 photography category will be allowed per Event.

*To help promote relationships between our Vendors & Good 2 Grow Shoppers, please note that we offer the previous Event’s Vendors exclusive registration PRIOR to opening registration to the public.  Also, Good 2 Grow maintains a vendor waiting list (both for direct sale companies/categories & for those interested in participating as a Four STAR Vendor). If a company/category becomes available, Good 2 Grow offers participation to the next vendor on the waiting list (at whatever level is available). If a Four STAR Vendor level opens, participation is offered to one of the lower level vendors prior to moving to the waiting list. 

To register to become a Vendor (or to be placed on the waiting list), fill out and submit the online Vendor Registration Form below.  Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to make your payment.  Please note that Vendor Registration is not complete until payment is received.

Vendor Registration Form

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Contact for additional assistance.