Items Accepted


Good 2 Grow accepts children’s clothing (sizes 0-14), shoes, baby accessories, bedding, toys/books/videos (DVDs only), equipment such as strollers/car seats/walkers/etc., and just about anything else related to children.

With limited exceptions … only items applicable to the upcoming season will be accepted.   For example: shorts, sleeveless tops, and sandals should only be brought to the spring/summer sale, and Halloween costumes and winter jackets only at the fall/winter sale.  Swimsuits will be accepted at both sells due to the popularity of indoor water parks being frequented year-round.  Dance wear and athletic wear will also be accepted at both sells.

Please review the details for each category below …

Quality is Important


Items must be current and in excellent, working, clean, and odor-free condition … with no signs of wear and no damage such as pilling, tears, holes, missing buttons, dysfunctional zippers, and stains.  Please be sure to inspect each item as though YOU were going to buy it.

Because we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best at Good 2 Grow … Items will be inspected to the best of our ability after Drop-Off and any unacceptable items will be removed from the sale.   We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell for not adhering to our quality standards.

Stain removal – for parents of children that have not perfected their meal-time fine motor skills:

  • OxiClean Baby – When bad stains happen to good clothes … this powerful baby stain remover will keep your baby washables looking great.
  • OxiClean Versatile – Need help removing a chocolate stain?  The new stain removing formulation works better in the wash and when used as a pretreater, and is more advanced in fighting grass, grease, dirt, and chocolate stains than the original formulation.

Consignors must check this recall list to ensure that they are not consigning any recalled items and to ensure that items meet the standard lead limits and phthalates standards.

Please see below for further explanations of acceptable & unacceptable items:


    • CHILDREN’s clothing sizes preemie to size 14 (larger sizes will not be accepted and will be removed from sales floor)
    • Must be applicable to the upcoming season
        • Halloween costumes accepted at FALL sale ONLY
        • Dress up accepted at BOTH sales
        • Swimwear accepted at BOTH sales
        • Dancewear accepted at BOTH sales
        • Activewear accepted at BOTH sales
        • Jeans, pants, short and long sleeves accepted at BOTH sales but please use discretion (i.e., fleece lined heavy pants at FALL sale, linen pants at SPRING sale, etc.)
        • Heavyweight only at FALL sale
        • Sleeveless only at SPRING sale
        • Capri pants accepted at BOTH sales but please use discretion as to which season would be most appropriate
        • Should spacing become an issue, we reserve the right to remove  any marginally appropriate seasonal items from the sales floor prior to the start of the sale
    • Children’s shoes only—no adult shoes please
    • Please put all cothes on wire hangers: including onsies & pajamas

Toys, Books, Games, Videos

    • Must be in CLEAN and WORKING condition and include all pieces
    • Working batteries must be included
    • Videos: Kid-friendly DVDs only

Infant & Child Accessories

    • Nursing / feeding supplies, diaper bags, blankets, etc.
    • Nursery needs: Diaper pails, potty chairs, bath seats, guardrails, etc.
    • Hats, gloves, hair bows, belts, tights, etc.

Bedding & Decor

    • Comforters, blankets, bumpers, sheets, pillows, etc.
    • Picture frames, mobiles, rugs, lamps, etc.- must be child oriented

Equipment & Furniture

    • Strollers, walkers, high-chairs, exersaucers, bikes, playground equipment, etc.
    • Toddler beds, pack ‘n plays, bassinets, changing tables, changing pads, dressers, crib mattresses (cribs are NOT accepted)
    • Equipment must be CLEAN or it will not be accepted
    • Attach any accompanying items securely
    • Broken equipment or items with any missing pieces (stroller trays etc.) will not be accepted
    • Car seats must never have been in an accident and must not be expired (must sign attestation paperwork at check-in). Please also make sure your car seat is not on the following Recall List

Occasionally, due to an oversight, we find items on the sales floor that do not meet these standards.  Good 2 Grow reserves the right to remove these items from the sales floor at any point during the sale.