Changes for Fall 2019

Several CHANGES have been made since the last Good 2 Grow Kids Consignment Sale Event that will go into effect for Fall 2019. Changes related to the consignment process follow:

Consignor Fees

CONSIGNOR FEES must now be paid during consignor registration via PayPal Express. The fee is non-refundable or transferable [see worker bonuses for exception]. We have decided to increase the fee to $10 (still one of the lowest fees around).

Earn a Higher Percentage!

CONSIGNORS can NOW EARN between 65% and 75% of their total sales… cha-ching!!! [see worker bonuses for details].

Drop-Off Appointments

DROP-OFF Appointments will now be required and can be scheduled on the consignor homepage.

Resort Numbers

We will now be using RESORT (Re-sort) NUMBERS. Resort numbers will be assigned at registration and will be printed on tags. Using old tags? Don’t worry… you can print stickers with your resort numbers for old tags. However, beginning next Fall, we will only be accepting tags from the previous same season (for example, Fall 2020 we will only accept tags back to Fall 2019; not tags printed earlier).

Worker Bonuses

  • All consignors will earn 65% of total sales.
  • Consignors that complete ONE or MORE 3-Hour Work Shift will be reimbursed their Consignor Registration Fee (will be refunded in consignor checks)!
  • Consignors that complete TWO 3-Hour Work Shifts will EARN 70% of total sales.
  • Consignors that complete THREE 3-Hour Work Shifts (MUST include AT LEAST ONE Sorting Shift) will EARN 75% of total sales.
  • Consignors still shop first, but consignors with work shifts shop even earlier.
  • Work shifts will be opening soon! You must be a registered consignor to work!

Sorting Fee

There will be a $10 SORTING FEE charged for items not picked up by the end of unsold item pick up (items tagged with color tags).