Drop Off

Good 2 Grow will continue to refine the check-in process to make it as streamlined and efficient as possible.  By reading the information below and understanding how the process works, you will help us keep this a fast and efficient process.

Before you bring your items to Drop Off

Consignors will be responsible for placing their items on the sales floor.  While keeping this in mind, please review the drop off schedule to decide when to come and plan your time accordingly.

Children can NOT be left unattended in cars during drop off.  Please make childcare arrangements if necessary.

Make sure all of your items are clean, pressed, hung and tagged.  Clothing should be grouped by gender and size.

When you get to the sale for Drop Off

Leave your items in your vehicle and sign in first at the check-in-table.  At the check-in-table you will

Fill out your Consignor Agreement

Provide us with a sample tag

Inform us if you will be coming to pick up your items or will be donating them.

Sign a car seat attestation form (if applicable)

Fill out large item Do Not Remove tag(s) (if applicable)

Receive your Consignor Presale passes

If raining, please unload your car and move your car to the parking lot prior to placing items on the sale floor so others may use the space.

Consignors will be responsible for placing their items on the sales floor.  If volunteers are not busy, they will be happy to help you with placing your items on the floor.

Good 2 Grow will have rolling racks and a rolling dolly available on a first come first serve basis to assist with moving items from your vehicle.